We specialise and expert to supply the best comprehensive effective anti-malware protection. This includes anti-ransomware, anti-exploit and web protection including Unified threat management (UTM). An all-inclusive security through Next-Gen firewall solution.

Today’s online threats and cybercrime focuses on ‘Ransomware’ and ‘Malvertising’ (malicious advertising). This can come in form of a ‘Worm’ or malicious email attachments and links. We also concentrate to prevent (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program which can wreak havoc on any Windows computer.

We are very honest in pointing our customers in the right direction for the correct practices and approach to cybersecurity. We go the extra mile to make sure our business customers and schools have the robust effective security to protect all data. 

Because we abide by the (DPA) Data Protection Act 1998 and Computer Misuse Act, we take security and protection seriously.

Todays innovation in online threats, the ever-changing online attacks is now invoking ‘Cybernetic’, which is a control and communication in the animal and machine (someone or something) being controlled by electronic computing systems.